Tiger Stripes


After the uber-successful years of 2008 and 2009 Tiger Stripes felt a need for a new challenge and set out to create a brand new studio album in 2010, and the idea was that it is not to be something anyone was expecting from him. He has always been looking at alternative styles of music to merge with his sound, but after the release on Adam Beyers Drumcode label he felt inspired to make something not entirely based around what happens on the dance floor. So, turning away remix work, all his time was taken up by working on brand new material for this album… or so he said…

He still found the time to squeeze in a nowadays rare remix for the SOUNDZ label, “The 4:08 To Paris” by Tangerine Dream’s front man Conrad Schnitzler, of whom he is a great fan for many years. The remix is a fantastic piece of music that also gives you a taste of what is to be expected from him this year, it was released in March 2010 with fantastic feedback: Kompost’s Michael Reinboth, Eric Kupper, Mousse T, Axwell and Nick Warren, who called it his “record of the year so far”.