Kriece, who was previously signed to the world’s premier house label 20:20 Vision, is still perhaps best known for his massive remix of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, which was championed by James Zabiela, who featured it on his Renaissance:Utilities mix cd.

Lesser known, is that The Flying Doctors, who released “We Make Contact” back in 2005, was a collaboration between James Zabiela, Jeff Bennett and Kriece.

Kriece’s tracks have been remixed by a ‘who’s who’ of modern dance music including – Robert Babicz, Tiger Stripes, Martin Eyerer, The Timewriter, Hernan Cattaneo, Style of Eye, Eelke Kleijn and Carlo Lio.

Kriece’s most mainstream project to date was the chillout collaboration Cosmix with legendary US spiritual guru Ram Dass in 2008.

As a remixer himself, Kriece has remixed some of the world’s biggest producers and djs, with his remix of James Zabiela’s “Weird Science” on Renaissance probably the biggest.

As a DJ, Kriece has played across the world, including a memorable performance at Creamfields Buenos Aires and countless Australian events such as Future Music Festival.

**Disclaimer - Profile photo taken over a decade ago.  Kindred Media Group and all of its subsidiary entities scattered across one of the world's continents shall not be held liable for any visual discrepancy between promo photo and present-day uncomfortable reality.  In the intervening period, artist in question has enjoyed many, many calorie-dense baked goods and assorted treats.


Kriece on Kindred

Kriece's Kit

system -

Rig 1 - PC, i7-7700k (o/c to 4.6), 32gb DDR4 RAM, Samsung EVO SSD, GTX1050ti GFX

Rig 2 - PC, i7 4790k (o/c to 4.6), 32 gb DDR3 RAM, Samsung EVO, Radeon R9



Cubase 9 Pro, Reason 8, Harrison Mixbus 32c, Ozone 7 (standalone for mastering)


Hardware -

Korg Minilogue, NI Maschine, Maschine Jam, Roland TB-03, Roland TR-8, Roland System 1, 


Audio interface - 

Prism Orpheus, Steinberg UR-44, NI Audio 8 DJ, NI Audio1

Soft Synths -

(I am a sucker for a new soft synth, despite having synths I have bought but not yet had a chance to even try - so below a selection only)

Diva, Repro-1, Hive, Bazille (u-he), Komplete Ultimate (most used - Reaktor 6,  (NI), Harmor, Xpand2, PolyKb3, DCAM Synth Squad, Vintage Vault 2 (UVI), Falcon (UVI), Synth Anthology 2 (UVI), Geist1&2, Rob Papen Explorer (Predator2, Subboombass, Blue, Blade etc), Synthmaster2, Wiggle, Transfuser, Strike, Loom, Hybrid

Plugins -


Nebula + most 3rd party libraries, Acqua (Coral, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Pink, Sand, Gold, Pearl), Dbx160, MJUC, Mongoose, Satson, Soundtoys (all), PusherX, UBK-1, Omega A-N-458, Neutron, B2/Aether/Breeze/Kaleidoscope (2cAudio), Nimbus/R4 (Exponential), Equilibrium/Compassion (DMG), The Drop/The Glue (Cytomic), Maag EQ4, Mbassador/Mdynamiceq/Mfilter/Mwobbler/Mrhythmiser/Munison (Melda), VBC/VMR/VTM (Slate)